Surgical abortion

A surgical abortion, also known as in-clinic abortion procedure is performed at our trusted abortion clinic.

This procedure is considered one of the safest outpatient procedures when performed by trained physicians. Our doctor has high standards and exceptional skills.

All abortion procedures are performed in our clean, private procedure rooms and each patient is attended to by one of our caring health professionals.


There are many reasons people in the second trimester of pregnancy face the decision of whether or not to have an abortion. Perhaps it is a change in life circumstances, an unforeseen medical condition, financial hardship or a fetal anomaly. Unlike the abortion pill (non-surgical) in earlier pregnancy, a surgical abortion is required if you’re pregnancy is in the second trimester.

You will be treated with compassionate care and respect. You will get to know our medical team and speak privately with a reproductive health advocate. The abortion procedure (Dilation and Evacuation) will be performed once dilation is sufficient. The time this takes varies for everyone.

How Does a Second Trimester Abortion Work?

In order to accurately date your pregnancy, you will receive an ultrasound, which will determine what procedure you will need. The procedure commonly used during a surgical abortion is a Dilation and Evacuation, also known as a D&E. During this procedure our doctor will dilate your cervix and evacuate the pregnancy.

Surgical Abortion Options:

1-Day Second Trimester Abortion (15 – 16 weeks)

During your pre-procedure medical history and physical examination, our doctor will determine which cervical preparation and dilation method or combination of methods is best for your 1-day abortion procedure.

2-Day Second Trimester Abortion (17 – 24 weeks)

  • If our doctor determines that the 2-day abortion procedure is best for you, you must stay in the area and commit to returning the next day.
  • On the first day, we take your medical history, discuss your procedure and after-care, and begin the preparation for the overnight dilation of your cervix.
  • When you return the next day, your abortion procedure will be completed.
  • Once the cervical preparation has begun on day one, your abortion is in progress.

What to Expect

  • You will meet with our medical staff
  • Confirmation date of your pregnancy will be determined with an ultrasound
  • Private conversation with you about your pregnancy options and your abortion decision
  • Complete a full medical history
  • Our doctor will perform a medical exam and the abortion
  • After your procedure, we will monitor your blood pressure, bleeding, and pulse while you spend time in our recovery room
  • Upon being discharged, you will be given recovery instructions explaining signs and symptoms of possible complications, along with a 24-hour emergency phone number.
  • We will give you a prescription for your post-procedure medications.
  • We will also offer you the option to choose and begin a method of birth control, if you are ready, on the same day as your procedure or your follow-up visit. You have a choice of birth control pills, the NuvaRing or the Depo Provera birth control shot (an injection which provides birth control protection for 3 months).

We are a member of the National Abortion Federation (NAF) moreover we meet their guidelines and standards.