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Dr. Orkin and his staff is the best. I have been with him for 26 years. He was my doctor during my two pregnancies and successfully delivered my two children. Two years ago I had problems with my period and my PCP sent me to US and they recommended to go through painful and expensive procedure to get further diagnostic. I decided to get a second opinion and came to dr Orkin again. He didn’t believe the results and sent me to his US specialist. She took at the account the date of my cycle and my age and the results were totally different.

Could not recommend Dr. Orkin more. He was honest, professional and kind during a very difficult time. He immediately made me feel comfortable, educated me on the procedures and made my safety his number one priority. He called me the days following my procedure and was so genuine in his approach to the conversation. Honestly cannot recommend him highly enough. Thank you, Dr. Orkin.

Dr. Orkin has been nothing but excellence. I never have to wait long to see him. He is always there on all of my appointments. When I see him, I never feel rushed. Very knowledgeable and caring every time. Words can’t express the gratitude I feel towards him. I’ve been seeing Boris for all of my paps, and now that I am pregnant, I still get excellent care. I am sad because due to an insurance change, I might have to find a new doctor. Fingers crossed!

I was referred to Dr Orkin for my D and C when I lost my identical twins short of 17 weeks. For such a horrific unexpected experience Dr Orkin showed compassion dignity and respect when I needed it most. He called BI to pre register me himself telling me that was the last thing I should be worrying about. He called my husband personally right after the procedure as he was not allowed in the OR waiting area during COVID explaining that I would just need some extra recovery time. I will always be grateful for his care and that he was there for me. The resident who also helped perform the surgery told me there was no one better than Dr Orkin. The entire staff was so comforting and I will always be so grateful for their care.

Best experience i have had since i don’t know how many years. Very positive. The staff is very nice and they smile with you which is very important, the manager took her time to explain everything and then Dr.Orkin was the typical cherry on top of a cake. He took his time for me, listened to me and was very gentle. Dr Orkin and his team deserve 10 stars not just 5!

This was my first time visiting this Gynecological & Abortion Clinic in Brookline, and I felt extremely welcome and supported by all of the staff and doctors that I interacted with. They were extremely informative and kind and I could tell that they genuinely cared about my health and well-being. I highly recommend coming here.